The new Steam bestsellers are online and the current top ranking is raising eyebrows. A new open-world RPG secures first place – even though the first reviews are anything but great.


New Steam King: Biomutant conquers the PC charts

Just last week, Days Gone was at the top of the Steam bestseller, now a new open-world game has taken the throne: Biomutant. The long-awaited post-apocalyptic kung fu RPG from Experiment 101 is out today and apparently was pre-ordered by many players shortly before its release.

In Biomutant you slip into the role of a humanoid raccoon and explore a world ravaged by a plague. The open-world game relies on role-playing elements, an action-based combat system, crafting and a karma system – so it sounds very promising at first glance.

Steam’s new bestseller Biomutant promises its players a breathtaking game world. The trailer gives you a first impression of the Open World:

Biomutant: According to the first evaluations, it was rather a disappointment

According to the first reviews, this mishmash of all sorts of different set pieces can not completely inspire, instead, a lot of potential falls by the wayside. Biomutant also recorded in our GIGA test 7.8 out of 10 points rather mediocre – especially the low level of difficulty causes point deductions. But the linear gameplay also pissed us off. On the other hand, the game scored points with its densely packed game world and its original scenario. However, that alone is not enough for a top rating.

A look at the current Metascore shows that other magazines were also rather disappointed with the great open world hope of the year. The current average of the PC version is just 68 points.

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It remains to be seen whether the players are just as critical of Biomutant. The PC version will only be activated on Steam in a few hours, so the first user reviews should arrive in the next few days. Will you get Biomutant despite the rather bad press ratings? Or do you prefer to wait until the game is cheaper on sale? Feel free to tell us in the Facebook comments.