With the newly announced partnership between Sony and Discord, joint online gaming for PS5 and PS4 users could take a big step forward.

In one Blogpost Sony announces the new collaboration between PlayStation and Discord. The communication platform Discord is used monthly by 140 million users worldwide and in the future players on the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 should also be able to connect via Discord.

What exactly is Discord?

Discord is a communication platform that is very popular in the gaming sector. The functions go beyond the simple use as Voice chat in online games out. Users can own server set up with different voice and text channels and also Stream via Discord. Interest groups come together more often on Discord servers to exchange ideas, and streamers sometimes use a Discord server for interactions with the community.

Sony and Discord partnership

Microsoft recently failed with a $ 10 billion takeover bid on Discord. Sony did not try to buy the platform, but acquired it only a minority stake. With this financial contribution, Sony can now integrate Discord into the PlayStation Network. However, Sony has not yet revealed what exactly is planned.

The possibilities are diverse and range from the integration of all Discord features into the PSN to a simple link between the accounts of both platforms so that messages can be received, for example, or friends can see which game a PS user is currently playing.

What could that mean for gamers?

Ideally, PlayStation players can use all functions. That means they Join servers and use voice chat there, for example. This leaves something to be desired on PlayStation. also it promotes crossplay communication, because players who play the same game on the PS4 and the PC can communicate with each other. That would be the same cumbersome solutions Eliminate the need for PS players to use Discord on their smartphones to talk to friends playing on PC.

The new partners have not yet revealed when and in what form the integration of Discord into the PlayStation Network will take place. It remains to be hoped that the players will be able to use the functions of Discord as fully as possible. All that remains to be done is to reach an agreement with Microsoft so that everyone can really play and talk with one another.