The strategy game Crusader Kings 3 got a patch. This fixes some, shall we say, "strange" bugs.

Bugs can be fun too

Some players of Crusader Kings 3 are currently laughing at the patch notes (buy now € 44.99 ), because they fix bugs that make you smile. The strategy game is extremely complex, which is why strange bugs can creep in. But things are also generally possible that are very curious. For example, a player could eat the Pope … The bugs that have now been fixed also sound very unusual. Here is a selection of the funny bug fixes from the current patch:

  • Smart women no longer confront their pregnant lesbian lover with the question of whether she is the father of this child. However, stupid women still have a chance to ask this question.
  • You can no longer mistake your toddler for a serial killer.
  • Doctors can now treat themselves, and they are also more likely to "screw up" your treatment if they try to kill you.
  • You will no longer refer to people as "hideous" as a friendly greeting.
  • You can't confide in friends you don't have.
  • Ugly characters now look uglier to a reasonable extent by distorting certain facial features more than before.

In this video on Twitter, a fan takes the patch notes and reads them out like a town celler in the Middle Ages, which makes everything even more fun:

Have you already experienced particularly unusual or funny bugs in the strategy game Crusader Kings 3? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Twitter

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