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Mediatonic recently released a new patch for the wacky battle royale game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Among other things, this makes changes to the back-to-back games and tweaks some of the values. You can find the patch notes in the message.

While the Dataminers are currently digging through the files of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout for interesting clues, the development studio Mediatonic continues to work on improving the Battle Royale game. The fruits of these efforts are now available for download in the form of a new update, the changes of which we naturally do not want to withhold from you.

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After installing the update, it is no longer possible to carry out so-called back-to-back games in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – Mediatonic has put a stop to this. Furthermore, the Valve costumes are now also available for the PlayStation 4 in the store. In addition, the developers have tweaked the number of players and a time limit a little to optimize the gameplay feel. Here are all changes in the overview:

Patch Notes for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

  • Valve costumes will now be available in the store on PS4
  • Max player count for Fall Mountain is now 15
  • Team Tail Tag and Royal Fumble timer is now 1:30
  • No more back to back team games

The developers are currently working on further updates as well as new content and features for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Among other things, a level editor for the wacky Battle Royale game is under discussion, with the help of which players could create their own maps and other creations. Mediatonic does not categorically exclude such a tool for the future, but refers to the enormous effort that such a project would involve.

Source: Mediatonic's Twitter channel

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A new update for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is here. (2) (Source: Devolver Digital)

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