A new patent from Rockstar could point to improved AI. Do you expect smarter NPCs in GTA 6?

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Rockstar: What is the patent for?

Last October, Rockstar parent company Take-Two handed a new one patent a. That was in the fall, but it was recently discovered. Said patent speaks of "systems and methods for virtual navigation in a game environment". The authors are apparently the technical director David Hynd and AI programmer Simon Par, both working at Rockstar. The assumption is therefore great that the patent is based on NPCs in a virtual world could relate, maybe even in that of GTA 6.

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Better NPCs for GTA 6?

Rockstar has still not officially confirmed the development of GTA 6. However, there are enough rumors and this game will probably also be equipped with numerous NPCs. According to the patent specification, these in video games often have the problem of being classified into certain groups always perform the same actions. In addition, they would often collide with objects – which often ends in bugs or glitches, but is funny to look at.

Thanks to the new concept that Rockstar is aiming for in the patent, AI-controlled characters should in the future act differently with the environment as before. They should be able to recognize where they are and act accordingly. As an example, “slower driving on residential streets or performing certain maneuvers to avoid oncoming traffic on single-lane roads” is mentioned and the possibilities would certainly not be exhausted.

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Whether the Rockstar patent will actually be used remains to be seen and you will probably have to be patient until GTA 6 is officially announced. We'll keep you up to date.