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A new patent from Sony Interactive Entertainment has surfaced on the Internet, introducing a new feature called "Scene Tagging". This should allow users to provide their content with lots of other information before sharing it with other users. Maybe the feature is also used in the PS5.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has a new one in the US patent logged in, which introduces a new feature called "Scene Tagging". Here players can provide their material, which they want to share via the Share feature of the PlayStation, with other information for other users. In detail, players learn, among other things where the recording or the screenshot was made. Also, which persons or objects can be seen in the scene can be communicated more easily and later searched explicitly. Whether the patent is intended for the new PS5 remains unclear.

Already in the past months patents of Sony have surfaced again and again on the Internet. These included things like a voice assistant, a technology for holographic 3D images or the backward compatibility much sought after by fans. Which of these patents will actually end up in the PlayStation 5, we will probably not know until next year, when the console is presented to the public. The launch of the PS5 is scheduled for Christmas 2020.

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