New photo is to show the user interface of the PlayStation 5 dev kit

of David Martin
A picture of the PS5 is currently causing a stir in the 4Chan forum: The snapshot is to show the dashboard interface of the Devkits. An early version of the user interface should be shown on the picture. Visually, the home screen is strongly based on the menu design of the PS4. On Reddit, fans discuss the authenticity of the supposed leak. The new console is scheduled to be launched this year. Recently there have been rumors of a presentation of the PS5 in February.

With the PS5, Sony is preparing the release of its new console – the release is planned for the end of the year. The first developer studios are already owned by the Devkits to be able to work on games for the PlayStation 5. Images of developer consoles have been circulating through the vastness of the Internet over the past weeks and months. Now another photo follows: A snapshot published on 4Chan should show the dashboard interface of the PlayStation 5. "I work at a game studio that has already received the PS5 devkits. I think that is the first picture of the user interface on the Internet," writes the anonymous Creator of the contribution in the 4Chan forum.

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It is said to be the current, early version of the dashboard design of the PS5 devkits. A design based on the PS4 main menu is striking. Users know the arrangement of the individual tiles from the current PS4 dashboard. Additional overviews, news and extensions can be displayed for games via the submenu. In a current Reddit thread, fans speculate about the authenticity of the photo. Some users suspect that it could only be a temporary design with the most necessary features. The thread creator wrote on 4Chan: "So far there are only debug features and a few settings. It looks like a modified PS4 menu screen".

Other Reddit users believe that the picture is a fake. The "crooked" specification of the hard disk size (1,012,439 GB), which is displayed in the upper left edge of the screen, should serve as proof for this. It will have to be seen which assumptions will ultimately prove to be true. Until the announcement from Sony you should enjoy the information with caution. Recently there have been rumors of a presentation of the PS5 in February.

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