New pictures of a black DualSense controller surfaced

from Andreas Bertits
Even if the PS5 comes with a black and white DualSense controller and only this is currently available for purchase, it can be assumed that other colors will follow. So pictures of a black controller reappeared.

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has approved a black DualSense controller for the PS5. The controller is completely black. The buttons are also in this color.

A stylish controller in black

For legal reasons, you can view pictures of the black DualSense controller under the source link. However, there is a catch: It is not clear whether this is really the controller that will also be sold. There is a possibility that this controller belongs to a dev kit. These are usually a different color from the products that are then sold in stores.

With the pictures, the question arises whether such a controller would really be well received. Because it just looks a little dreary and "simple" completely in black. It is of course possible that this color will be published that way. It is not clear when Sony will launch controllers in other colors. It will probably not be ready until next year. Then covers should appear in different designs for the console. You can then just swap them and your PS5 (buy now ) individually design the way you would like.

At the moment, players are still waiting for another contingent of PS5 consoles to be available before Christmas. But that is not certain. After the pre-order chaos and a big one Cancellation wave is generally a little insecure in the community. Are there any other cancellations? Will the consoles you ordered arrive in time for the November 19th release? PS5 fans hope that there will be no further chaos.

Source: VideoGameChronicles

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