Skyrim fans who own a PlayStation 5 can now give their game a graphical boost and up to 60 FPS thanks to a newly released mod.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim: More FPS thanks to Mod

So far, only Xbox Series X / S owners have had the opportunity to get a little bit of Skyrim using a mod nicer and faster to make, but now PS5 owners can help and improve the game graphically as well Enjoy 60 fps.

The mod introduces YouTuber Wrighton on YouTube. Obviously, all you have to do is download this and unlock it via the Skyrim Mod menu to activate 60 FPS on the console. It's worth noting that this is also available on the PlayStation 4, although the performance here is significantly weaker than on the PS5. In fact, the frame rate varies so much that the image looks inconsistent – the better experience is probably with the 30 FPS limit in the standard Skyrim.

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Skyrim: The trophy hunt can still take place

The function is deactivated for some mods, but the special thing about the PlayStation-Mod is that it without deactivating the trophies can be executed – so you don't have to do without the hunt for the popular awards.

There are already countless mods for Skyrim. We'll show you the best.

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