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Today, October 13th, it is again possible to pre-order copies of the PS5 in the US. For Europe, however, there are still no signs of a third wave.

As reported by Forbes magazine, new pre-orders of the will start today, October 13th in the US PS5. At least via the less known online shop antonline.

The US gets another PS5 contingent

the Playstation 5 offers antonline (buy now ) but only in a bundle with games or accessories. In addition, the contingent is strictly limited. The same also applies to the Xbox Series X / S, which the retailer also offers in a bundle. It is not clear whether those who can get hold of one of the coveted consoles will still get it for the release, which takes place in the US on November 12th. The contingent is probably sold out immediately. Sales should start at 11 a.m. PT, which is 8 p.m. for us.

In this country, fans are still waiting for the start of a third wave of pre-orders. At first, tweets from insider Roberto Serrano gave hope that advance orders would be possible again at the beginning of October. But so far nothing has happened in this regard. But on the contrary. Retailers such as Saturn and Media Markt even canceled hundreds of orders. Partly because multiple orders were placed, which according to Sony was not allowed, but also because some retailers sold more units of the PS5 than they ultimately get from Sony.

So the situation is still unclear when it comes to a third wave of PS5 pre-orders. Even for Amazon Prime Day there are no new copies available. It is not clear whether there will be a third wave this year.

The fact that the USA is now offering new PS5 copies – at least through a dealer – does not mean that we will get a new quota again in this country. All that remains for those who are still looking for a PS5 is to pay the well-known dealers a regular visit. Because of cancellations, new devices can appear every now and then.

Source: Forbes via GamePro

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