The PS5 has been struggling with a major problem since its release: The storage space of the next-gen console is surprisingly small. Thanks to a new update, there is finally a solution.

PlayStation 5

Beta update for the PS5: New software unlocks SSD expansion

Sony has sold 10 million PS5 consoles since the release – but since then, many players have faced a major problem: The storage space of the next-gen console is surprisingly meager. Since games are now taking up more and more capacity, the PlayStation 5’s fast SSD is filled to bursting quickly.

Fortunately, the console’s memory can easily be expanded thanks to an M.2 slot, right? So far this has not been the case, because Sony has deactivated the function. However, a new beta update has now been released, which finally lifts the SSD lock and it allows you to expand the storage space of your console with a fast PCIe SSD (source: Sony).

How fast is the SSD of the PS5 compared to a PS4 Pro with and without an SSD? We found it out for you in the video:

PS5 Beta Program: Not Everyone Can Join

But there is a catch: Interested players have to sign up for Sony’s PS5 beta program register in advance and then also to be selected by Sony. Only then will you have the opportunity to download the new beta software and try out the SSD extension. In return, Sony expects them to provide feedback, either in English or Japanese.

In addition, Sony admits that the beta updates for the PS5 may be incomplete software acts that may still contain errors.

When even players without access to the beta program will finally receive an update for the PS5 that unlocks the memory expansion, is currently still in the stars. What is certain is that many players can no longer wait to install the new system software and a suitable SSD in order to have a little more capacity. Although the memory of the PS5 can already be expanded via external USB storage media, PS5 games cannot be started directly from them.

Are you part of the beta program and have you already had your first experiences with memory expansion? Or are you currently still getting along well with the storage space on your PS5? Write us your opinion in the comments on Facebook!