New recipes from phase 5 available

from Sara Petzold
The fifth phase of WoW Classic brings a number of other recipes into play in addition to the new professional recipes, which you can collect as loot from Ahn'Quiraj or as a quest reward. We'll show you an overview of the new recipes.

Phase 5 of WoW Classic including Ahn'Quiraj is live and brings a lot of new recipes for passionate craftsmen (via Wowhead). You can get some of them as loot from bosses and other mobs, some are world loot, and some are quest rewards. There are also two new reagents for blacksmiths.

New recipes and reagents for blacksmithing

Blacksmiths can capture the following reagents from enemies in the ruins of Ahn'Quiraj and Ahn'Quiraj itself, as well as small and large chunks of obsidian:

There is also phase 5 of WoW (buy now for 14.54 €) Classic the following new blacksmithing recipes as loot:

New recipes for alchemy

Alchemists only get a recipe that is used as rare prey by the enemy Dark Iron Breedmaster, Dark Iron slave trader or Dark Iron Guard drops in the Searing Gorge:

Cooks can secure the following recipe as part of the questline for the Sandstorm Scepter:

New recipes for leather processing

Leatherworking artists can drop the following recipe as drops from the Elemental invasion bosses Princess Tempestria in Winterspring or The Windreaver in Silithus:

New recipes for the art of enchantment

Enchants get various recipes from the bosses from the ruins of Ahn'Quiraj and Ahn'Quiraj themselves:

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