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A Battle Pass awaits us in Hearthstone, as we know it from the battlefield mode. In addition, rewards themselves should be restructured.

Quest, promotions, a little gold for three wins and special hero portraits via Ranked Mode. This is what Hearthstone's reward system currently looks like. The developers have also recognized that this is a bit old-fashioned after more than six years and have given notice via AMA on the Hearthstone subreddit made some drastic changes to their online trading card game reward system. Rumor has it that there will be a Battle Pass for Hearthstone

What's on the Battle Pass?

In a survey that Blizzard sent to some players, allegedly questions were asked about a possible Hearthstone Battle Pass. The developers have already implemented a kind of battle pass for the battle fed mode: those who spend gold receive access to emotes and two other heroes when choosing. When a new hero is released, owners of the inn pass can also find the hero a little earlier than all other players. The statements by the developers in the AMA also sound a lot like what a Battle Pass actually is – without using the B-word.

More variation in the rewards

Hearthstone is in the AMA (buy now for € 0.00) s Game Director Ben Lee is still a little cautious, but it is certain that in the future we will be able to receive gold from many other sources than just the normal play mode and from time to time from the chaos of the cards. In the future, players should not only receive gold and card packs, but also cosmetic rewards.

More quests and cosmetic rewards are, in our opinion, a no-brainer for Hearthstone and we have long wondered why Blizzard doesn't want to make money with hero portraits when there are so many options. For that you would have to expand the old quest system by three active tasks. What will become of the new reward system and a possible Battle Pass in the end, we will probably find out at the beginning of autumn at the earliest, when the next expansion is presented.

Source: Hearthstone subreddit

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