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The character boost bonus through discount promotions for WoW extensions has been a popular method for many players to catapult new heroes to the maximum level immediately. With Shadowlands, Blizzard is now redesigning the character boost system and making the level 120 upgrades only available to the account Shadowlands was purchased for.

Anyone who has already purchased the heroic or epic version of WoW: Shadowlands can look forward to a character boost at level 120. However, many pre-orders will have noticed that the maximum level boost is only available for the account for which Shadowlands was purchased. If the player has other WoW accounts, he must at least expand them with the "Heroic Edition" from Shadowlands in order to get more character boosts.

With this adjustment, Blizzard primarily wants to put a stop to the popular strategy – to boost heroes through discount campaigns. Those who wanted to quickly bring a character to maximum level on their main WoW account simply created a starter account and expanded it with the basic version of the current expansion. The character boost was of course particularly cheap at Blizzard's discount campaigns for the respective WoW addon. For comparison: For a normal character boost you have to put 60 euros on the table.

With Shadowlands this little "detour" will no longer be available. In the future, price reductions will probably only be available for the basic edition of Shadowlands and this does not include a character boost.

Blizzard revised this topic again the official description for Shadowlands:

"World of Warcraft®: Shadowlands

  • In-game items and character upgrades are not available in World of Warcraft® Classic. The character upgrade can only be used for the WoW account for which it was purchased.
  • Upgrading to Epic Edition will not re-grant items in game if they have been previously unlocked for your account.
  • World of Warcraft®: Battle for Azeroth®, internet connection, Blizzard® registration and Blizzard® Battle.net® desktop app are required to play.
  • including VAT, where applicable "

The feedback from the players has so far been less than enthusiastic. Some WoW fans asked for Blizzard's clarification much earlier because they couldn't do anything with the character boost on their main account.

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