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Recently, new rumors about the alleged performance of the PS5 have surfaced on the Internet. According to this, the performance of the console should total 9.2 teraflops. This would make the next-gen console, among other things, slightly weaker than the Xbox Series X. Fans are still waiting for official information on the hardware of the PlayStation 5.

Although there have always been new details about the PlayStation 5 from those responsible at Sony Interactive Entertainment over the past few months, little is known about the exact details of the hardware. Today, Friday, however, there is a rumor circulating about the supposed performance of the PS5. The information comes from Reddit-Leaker and Twitter user "_rogame" and will probably reveal new details of the upcoming next-gen console from Sony.

If these data correspond to the fact, the PlayStation 5 would come to about 9.2 teraflops for launch. This would put the console below the performance of the recently launched Xbox Series X from Microsoft, which will also be released for Christmas sales in 2020. However, fans currently believe that Sony is pursuing a different strategy with this. According to this, the next-gen console could potentially be available for 399 euros – in contrast to the Xbox Series X, where experts currently expect at least 499 euros.

Unlike Microsoft, there are currently no reports on several Sony consoles that differ in performance, among other things. So far, however, all of this information should be enjoyed with caution. In the past, there have been rumors that the PS5's performance is said to be above the new Xbox. Maybe we'll find out more at CES 2020 in Las Vegas.

Source: Twitter

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