The information situation about the latest offshoot of the Saints Row series has been rather poor so far. An annual report last year indicated that the title had probably been postponed to the current financial year. Accordingly, the game could still appear until March 2022. So far there was no more information, but now a revelation is within reach.

No remaster and no remake

Geoff Keighley tweeted namely via the Gamescom Opening Night Live next Wednesday and posted a video that shows the same graffiti wall as the one Homepage of Saints Row. That the official Twitter account of Saints Row that retweeted with a wink should suffice as an additional hint.

The developers at Saints Row also did a lot of community work and responded to numerous comments and questions. It was denied whether the new title was possibly a new edition of the first parts. It is a matter of fact neither a remaster nor a remake. A remake is therefore general not planned.

When asked why this is out of the question, one replied boldly: “We are very busy with a brand new game.” The video and the official Saints Row website adorns, however, the writing “Rebooting”, which makes a reboot of the series appear more than likely. The direct question after a reboot you don’t want to answer, ask for a little more patience. Received a fan question about a co-op story mode a similar answer.

Saints Row fans should mark Wednesday, August 25th in their calendars and tune in to the Opening Night Live, it starts at 7:30 p.m.

Those: Saints Row Website / Saints Row on Twitter

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