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In a direct comparison with the top 10 lists from August, the charts for the top-selling games of the September month are hardly recognizable. There are new front runners and various newcomers. We'll tell you which games on PC, mobile and console were particularly successful in the four weeks of September.

As in the previous months, September 2020 will also benefit from the ongoing corona pandemic. Newcomers achieve strong sales, veteran Games-as-a-Service products keep the tills ringing and every now and then even former successful titles manage to return to the limelight. All of this and much more can be gleaned from the latest report from Superdata analysts.

Before we tell you specifically which games on PC, mobile and console were particularly successful in the four weeks of September, we will first – as usual – go into some special features of the month:

  • In all three charts there are new leaders compared to the previous month. Free Fire (last month: 2nd place) is overtaking Pokémon Go in the mobile area, League of Legends (3rd place) can recapture the top position on PC and NBA 2K21 dominates the consoles after the launch.
  • One shouldn't really be surprised that those responsible at 2K and Visual Concepts are not changing anything about their money machine strategy for NBA 2K, on ​​the contrary, they are getting bolder and more greedy for money. Editorial offices all over the world distribute moderate ratings (here the test he PC Games), numerous users punish the parts on Metacritics and Co. clearly and yet the range sells like sliced ​​bread every year. In September, NBA 2K21 brought almost 2 million units to the market. The digital sales were again higher than with the predecessor (19 percent higher, to be precise). In-game sales rose by a further eight percent. We gamers are responsible for developing the series …
  • Incidentally, Marvel's Avengers also had a strong launch month on console. 2.2 million units could be sold digitally. This is the second largest digital launch for Square Enix after Final Fantasy VII Remake. The fact that it is still only enough for 3rd place is not only due to NBA 2K21, but also to the new edition of the classic Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2. Publisher Activision Blizzard was able to look forward to 2.8 million digital units sold. Oh, and Super Mario 3D All-Stars had the most successful Mario game launch on the Switch with 1.8 million digital units sold.
  • Crusader Kings III from Paradox was also able to achieve a record on the PC. The 1.1 million digital units sold are enough for the most successful launch of a PC strategy game. Even a Civilization VI can't keep up.
  • Among Us has been around for over two years, but recorded a rocket increase in the number of players in September – comparable to the absolute highs of Pokémon Go in August 2016. As there are comparatively few options in this small indie game, Spending money, however, this success is only partially reflected in the sales figures; it's not even enough for the top 40 in mobile. The three responsible developers should still be happy about the enormous success (and the sales achieved).
  • Rocket League is celebrating a brilliant comeback with the switch to a Free2Play system. After the switch, the servers recorded almost 200 percent more players. In the last week of September, in which the Free2Play conversion was carried out, the developers were able to achieve almost as much digital sales as in the three weeks before with the old payment model.

Top 10 top-selling mobile games in September 2020

1) Free Fire
2) Pokémon Go
3) Honor of Kings
4) Peacekeeper Elite
5) Roblox
6) Fate / Grand Order
7) Candy Crush Saga
8) Gardenscapes – New Acres
9) Coin Master
10) Monster Strike

Top 10 best-selling PC games in September 2020

1) League of Legends
2) Dungeon Fighter Online
3) Crossfire
4) Fantasy Westward Journey Online II
5) Crusader Kings III
6) World of Tanks
7) Roblox
8) World of Warcraft West
9) Fortnite
10) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Top 10 best-selling console games in September 2020

1) NBA 2K21
2) Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2
3) Marvel's Avengers
4) Super Mario 3D All-Stars
5) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
6) FIFA 20
7) Madden NFL 21
8) Fortnite
9) Ghost of Tsushima
10) GTA V

Source: SuperData

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