After the first teaser trailer for the official Monster Hunter film caused a real shit storm online, those responsible are now trying to win the trust of the fans with additional scenes. But even though the video snippets are really good, the players remain skeptical.

Monster Hunter World

Update from October 12, 2020:

A few days ago, the first teaser trailer for the new "Monster Hunter" film made the rounds. The short video snippet lasted just 16 seconds. That didn't stop fans of the game from completely taking the scene apart, however. They complained about the premise of the film, accusing the producers of never having looked at the games – the only positive aspect seemed to be the design of the Diablo.

So it's no wonder that this is the main focus of the movie's latest video: the monster design. In about a minute we don't just get to see the Diablos closer again, but also the Rathalos shows itself for the first time. Both monsters are compared to their game counterparts – both film designs are impressive!

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Although this insight into the film production at the current point of view is much better received by the fans than the last video, the players make no secret of their aversion to the film conversion in the comments. Many assume that the movie will be a real failure and that the producers won't end up delivering what the fans really want. At the end of the year we should be certain, because the “Monster Hunter” film is due to start in December.

Original article:

Monster Hunter – the movie: First teaser trailer released

Monster Hunter: World has been around for almost 3 years – and yet the game is still very popular today. This is not least due to the fact that the developers provide new content, monsters and challenges for their hunters at regular intervals.

With Monster Hunter: World, the game series appealed to a significantly larger audience – which has meanwhile also got around in the film industry. There has been one for some time Live-action adaptation of the universe planned. Now there are the first moving images of the Monster Hunter implementation, in the form of a 16-second trailer:

The short video snippet shows a small group of apparently well-equipped soldiers with assault rifles, who are attacked by a diablos and then open fire.

New trailer for Monster Hunter triggers Shitstorm among fans

However, the first trailer for the film did not go down well with fans of the Monster Hunter series. The video has now been viewed around 1.5 million times, two thirds of viewers left a negative rating.

In the YouTube comments, the fans let their displeasure run free:

  • "What the hell is that?!" – ZeropXepher
  • "The only thing I like about the trailer is the roar of Diablo" – Mikewind
  • "Has anyone from production even had a look at the game?" Safrican ioi
  • "This is an insult to all Monster Hunter fans in the world" – Sadek Merchant

Judging by the first trailer, the screenwriter and director Paul W. S. Anderson seems to allow himself some "artistic freedom" in the implementation, in order to make the film more compatible with the masses. But does it take Resident Evil star Milla Jovovich, who goes on a monster hunt with a minigun mounted on a Humvee?

These examples show that film adaptations of games do not always have to be bad:

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Hopefully this scene is just an outlier down and doesn't reflect the overall quality of the film. Otherwise, some Monster Hunter fans are likely to go on the barricades.

We don't have to wait long for the end result. According to the text in the teaser, the film should will be launched in December 2020.

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