A new game appears in shooter heaven and is wonderfully crazy. Skin Deep is a slightly different kind of shooter and demands brains and creative solutions from you. In a first trailer, the sci-fi adventure shows funny gameplay material and really makes you want more.

Metal Gear

Metal Gear is a new shooter in crazy

What if Metal gear in a space environment would take place with wacky humor? Then you would probably get the upcoming sci-fi shooter Skin Deep by publisher Annapurna Interactive.

The executive studio Blendo Games is known for its extraordinary game ideas and now shines with a gameplay trailer that gives hope for a special shooter experience. as Cat spaceship security crew you have to stop evil space pirates from hijacking the ship.

Check out the crazy fun for yourself in Skin Deep trailer an:

Skin Deep: In the fight against space pirates

In Skin Deep you have to act tactically and always follow the protocolto get rid of the intruders in the spaceship. The game doesn’t take itself too seriously and keeps you pissed off that you stink. That too often becomes a problem.

Because the shooter makes use of many Stealth mechanics and so you do well not to be discovered. If you pull a stink cloud behind you, the pirates will sniff you out.

In order to do your job of law and order on the sandbox ship, you have a large selection to choose from creative weapons to choose from – from the classic shotgun to the adventurous bag of pepper. The right one is at hand for every application.

Should you ever run out of ammunition, no problem! Interact with your environment in a creative way and simply transports the unwanted guests into space via a lock. All you have to do is throw your unloaded weapon against the gate.

With Skin Deep you can expect a wacky space fun for the PC. It is not yet known when the crazy shooter will appear. We will of course keep you up to date.

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What do you think of Skin Deep? Did you like the gameplay trailer as well? And will you get the wacky shooter for the PC? Feel free to write us your thoughts on this in the comments on Facebook.