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Gray Zone is a new real-time sci-fi strategy game that will launch on Steam in early 2020. The Slovak team from Eastworks is responsible for the development. A total of five missions will initially be included in the early access version. Later updates will then expand the content.

The Eastworks development team has announced an early access phase for their current Gray Zone project on Steam. It is a sci-fi real-time strategy game with shoot'em-up and role-playing elements. The history of Gray Zone takes place hundreds of years in the future and is said to be the focus of the new RTS title. The early access phase is scheduled to start in March 2020.

In line with the announcement, the creators have also released a new trailer, which you can see below the message. For the launch of the early access version, players can look forward to Gray Zone's first five missions. In the coming months, the title will be expanded with further content with updates. The final game is scheduled for release in late 2023. With the early access start, the team hopes to generate additional income that could later lead to an earlier release. You can find more details on the product page on steam.

Gray Zone: Trailer announces early access phase of the strategy game

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