New screenshots show magical pots, dialogues and more

of Andreas Bertits
Square Enix has released some new screenshots of the upcoming remake of the JRPGs Trials of Mana and also explains what can be seen on them. This includes dialogues, climbing the stairs, outfits and planting seeds.

The remake of the JRPG will be released on April 24th Trials of Mana, To get you in the mood, you can now look at new screenshots.

A remake with interesting innovations

The screenshots for Trials of Mana (buy now for € 49.99) you can see below this message in the Galeria. They show some of the aspects of the game.

  • Stufenaustieg: You increase your hero's stats and learn spells and attacks. In addition, you can improve your skills that give you bonus effects such as value increases, combat reinforcements and more.
  • outfits: By equipping a new weapon or choosing a new outfit option, you change classes. But you can also keep the values ​​of the new class and wear the old outfit again.
  • Reset class: If you have the scale of the goddess and a mana stone, it is possible to reset your class.
  • Conversations: In the cities you will meet and talk to NPCs.
  • Magic pots: In a herbege you will find magical pots. In this you plant seeds that you will find during your adventures. So you can get new items from the areas "things", "silver things", "gold things", "colorful things" and "???".

The Trials of Mana remake not only uses improved graphics, new items have been added, you can set up to four items or actions from the ring menu as quick accesses, after a fight you apply healing items or magic to the entire group and choose at the same time from four levels of difficulty. It is also possible to save up to twelve scores.

The Trails of Mana remake will be released on April 24th for PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Source: press release

There are new pictures and information about the remake of Trials of Mana. (1) (Source: Square Enix)

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