New shooter in space – instead of walking, you float in weightlessness

Shooters in space are rare, but with Boundary the squad will gain in future. With the help of heavy weapons, space suits and space stations, the opposing team has to be dealt with as quickly as possible.

It will be weightless in Boundary, a game by the Chinese development team Surgical Scalpels. The title has already been in progress since 2016, which received fresh impetus as part of gamescom 2019 and is now being announced for the beginning of 2020.

The game is reminiscent of Rainbow Six: Siege, but here you are equipped with a space suit and fighting between ruins of space stations for the victory. You can customize the armor and your weapons according to your wishes and gradually improve them with the help of a progress system.

Star Wars in a different way.

Exclusively in multiplayer mode

In Boundary we have to do without a singleplayer mode. All matches will be played online and against other players. Different game modes and maps are supposed to provide variety, but further features will be announced in the future.

According to the developers Boundary is to be supplied with regular updates and DLCs. The title will be released in early 2020 for PC and PlayStation 4.