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The filigree Android Echo is the new heroine in the Overwatch team. The robot lady is the latest creation of scientist Dr. Mina Liao, who also helped found the Overwatch team. So far only the original form of Echo was visible, today we show you the first skins of the Androidin in the PTR preview.

Dr. Mina Liao is one of the most prominent characters in Overwatch. It was the driving force in the development of life forms with artificial intelligence. The Androidin Echo is Liao's newest and undisputed crown of creation, which unites only the best aspects of AI research into a very special being.

As a flightable robot, Echo performs maneuvers in the game that other Overwatch heroes can only dream of. As a real damage handler, she is of course armed with the latest weapons from the Overwatch arsenal, which makes her a dangerous opponent on the battlefield. By the way, in our big special about the new heroine you can learn all the most important information about Echo's skills, ultimate and background story.

New skins from Echo on the PTR from Overwatch

Their unusual design is another highlight that sets them apart from the other warriors. So far, however, we have only been able to admire Echo in its original form. On the Overwatch PTR server (buy now for € 58.99) there is now the first preview of the numerous skins of the Androidin. In the following video you can take a closer look at Echo's manifestations.

In addition to the classic skin, there are four rare, two epic and four legendary designs that you can get hold of in Overwatch. As far as choices are concerned, there is something for every taste. With the rare designs, for example, the Android gets a new color, with the legendary ones, on the other hand, you can miss Echo a square tank shape that reminds of her older robot siblings. However, the most beautiful skins are by far the butterfly and moth shape.

What do you all mean? Which Echo skin do you like the most? Let us know in the comments!

Overwatch: developer video for the new hero Echo

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Overwatch: Background story about the new hero Echo

Blizzard Entertainment uses this video to announce that Echo will be the next hero for the online shooter Overwatch. In the video you will learn a little more about the character's background story. It is a sophisticated robot developed by Dr. Mina Liao was created. It is not yet known exactly when Echo will celebrate its debut in Overwatch. PCNSWPS4XBO

Overwatch: Developer video for the new hero Echo

Jeff Kaplan from Blizzard Entertainment introduces you to the new hero Echo from the online shooter Overwatch as part of this developer video. It is a representative of the damage class, which has some special skills. Among other things, she is able to briefly transform into a hero of the opposing team. Echo is now available on the Overwatch PTR server, an appointment for the debut on the live server is not yet known.

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