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With the upcoming Patch 9.1 a lot of new content will be added to WoW Shadowlands. Among other things, the soul bond system is also being expanded. Each individual soul band gets four more talent lines that you can unlock. In addition, the media slots can apparently be upgraded.

The soul bonds are one of the great features of WoW Shadowlands. Each pact offers you the choice of three partners, who all come with a different talent tree and have different strengths and weaknesses. It goes without saying that Blizzard intends to further expand this system with the upcoming Patch 9.1. The patch has now arrived on the PTR and we get a first impression of how the developers want to do it.

In the classic way, as happened ages ago with our own talent trees, the developers simply add more rows to the bottom of the existing talent tree. In doing so, however, they have said goodbye to giving the various soul gangs differently structured talent lines.

  • Each partner gets a mandatory potency slot, then the choice between two talents, then the choice between a finesse and a resistance slot, before another new talent closes the tree.

New media, on the other hand, have not yet emerged. However, this can still change in the course of the PTR.

It is interesting, however, that we seem to have the opportunity to upgrade the existing media of our soul bonds. At least that is what the tooltips of the new fame levels suggest. Because after you have unlocked the new talent rows via the fame levels, some levels follow, the reward of which speaks of “strengthening” the individual rows of the media.

  • XX’s first row of conduits is enhanced.

How exactly this will take place is unclear. The media used in the respective rows may simply be raised in the item level. But it is also possible that the media will be strengthened in other ways.

Here are the new talents of the individual soul bonds that are not yet available in German.

  • Kyrianer
    • Pelegos
      • Better Together: During combat, moving within 3 yd of a party or raid member inspires both of you, increasing Mastery by 52 for 1 min. Players may only be affected by one such effect.
      • Newfound Resolve: At any moment during combat, there is a low chance your Doubt will manifest for 10 sec. Directly facing your Doubt will overcome it, granting 12% and Stamina for 15 sec.
      • Path of the Devoted: After recovering from a loss of control effect, you take 15% reduced damage and your movement speed cannot be reduced below 90% for 6 sec. May only occur once per 30 sec.
    • Kleia
      • Hope Springs: Eternal Your Phial of Serenity reduces damage taken by 10% for 8 sec and its effects are also granted to your lowest-health ally.
      • Light the Path: Your Valiant Strikes grant 0.25% critical strike chance per stack. When your Valiant Strikes heals an ally, you each gain 5% critical strike chance for 12 sec.
      • Spear of the Archon: Movement speed increased by 6% while out of combat. Gain 3% critical strike chance for 10 sec after damaging an enemy above 90% health.
    • Mikanos
      • Effusive Anima Accelerator releases a blast of overcharged anima at your target’s location, dealing (** 5) Arcane damage split evenly between all targets over 8 sec. Reduce the cooldown of by (4) sec per affected enemy, to a maximum of (4 * 5) sec.
      • Reactive Retrofitting: After taking Physical or Magic damage, gain a shield that absorbs damage equal to 8% of your maximum Health for 10 sec. Each incoming damage type may trigger this effect once per 30 sec.
      • Soulglow Spectrometer: Damaging or healing a target analyzes its merit over 15 sec, increasing your damage or healing to it by 1%, increasing by an additional 1% every 3 sec. Cannot start a new analysis until the previous one has finished.
  • Night fae
    • Nyia
      • Bonded Hearts: Gaining a stack of Redirected Anima from Grove Invigoration heals up to 5 nearby allies for 2% of their health. If any of the affected allies are of another covenant, Redirected Anima’s Mastery and maximum health effects are increased by 50% for 5 sec.
      • Called Shot: When you critically strike, you gain 20% movement speed for 5 sec. May only occur once every 10 sec.
      • Survivor’s Rally: When you fall below 50% health, you regain 20% of your health over 10 sec and receive 5% additional healing from other spells and abilities. May only occur once every 60 sec.
    • Dream weaver
      • Cunning Dreams: Entering Soulshape slows enemies near your starting point by 50% for 6 sec.
      • Dream Delver: Dealing damage or healing a target grants you 1% increased damage or healing to that target for 4 sec, up to 3%.
      • Waking Dreams: When you take damage below 80% health, you gain a shield for 30% of the damage amount, lasting 3 sec.
    • Growing up
      • Hunt’s Exhilaration: When damaging an enemy or healing an ally within 8 yds, you gain 3% Leech for 5 sec.
      • Vorkai Ambush: After interrupting or disorienting an enemy, they deal 5% less damage for 5 sec.
      • Wild Hunt Strategem: When your damage or healing is enhanced by Wild Hunt Tactics, gain Wild Hunt Strategem for 1 min. The next time you damage an enemy who is below 35% health, or heal an ally who is above 75% health, Wild Hunt Strategem is activated to increase your damage and healing to such targets by 5% for 10 sec.
  • Nekrolords
  • Venthyr
    • Nadja
      • Fatal Flaw: When the Haste effect of Euphoria ends, gain 10 sec sec of either 20% increased critical strike chance or Versatility, whichever you currently have more of.
      • Nimble Steps: Enemies within 8 yds are slowed by 10%. If you fall below 35% health, enemies within 8 yds are rooted for 4 sec sec. This can only occur once every 60 sec.
      • Sinful Preservation: Health Potions and Healthstones grant you an absorb shield equal to 50% of the amount healed.
    • Theotar
      • It’s Always Tea: Time When Soothing Shade activates, Tubbins and Gubbins each offer you a cup of tea, healing you for (Total health * 1 / 100) health every 1 sec and reducing damage taken by 5% while standing in the shaded area.
      • Life is but an Appetizer: While you are Well Fed, gain 0 Speed and 0 Avoidance.
      • Party Favors: Once per day you can speak with Theotar in Sinfall to obtain The Mad Duke’s Tea, which increase your by 3%, or your Haste by 3%, or your Critical Strike chance by 3%, or your Versatility by 3% for 1 hour.
    • Draven
      • Battlefield Presence: Each nearby enemy trembles at your presence, increasing your damage and healing done by 1%, and reducing damage taken by 1%, up to a maximum of 3 enemies.
      • Intimidation Tactics: While below 50% health, Door of Shadows cools down 50% faster.
      • Regenerative Stone Skin: Any overhealing done to you will heal for an additional 15% of the overhealing amount over 6 sec.
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