According to a leak from the ModernWarzone website, Call of Duty is returning to a WWII setting in 2021, but with an alternative historiography. Other sources now confirm parts of this leak.

Call of Duty: Warzone

How ModernWarzone reports, Call of Duty will be back in 2021 in World War 2 take place and from Sledgehammer Games developed. According to the Sources from Eurogamer is this true. The current title of the game is also confirmed by Eurogamer. However, should Call of Duty WW2: Vanguard not just a working title, the studio should also want to keep the additional title Vanguard (German: Vorhut) in the finished game.

On the most exciting aspect of the ModernWarzone leak, however, Eurogamer has conflicting information. This is how the setting should be stayed with the “traditional” 2nd World War and not follow an alternate story in which the war did not end in 1945.

Eurogamer leaves the question about the integration of Vanguard in Warzone open, but is skeptical about the inclusion of the “2. World War ”settings in the popular battle royale game.

Original message from March 23, 2021:

Leak: CoD 2021 should take a completely new direction

According to a leak, Activision should try something new with the new Call of Duty, which will be released in 2021. The setting of the game should go a little differently.

As before, only two things are fairly certain: Another Call of Duty will be released this year (because it happens every year) and the developer will be Sledge Hammer Games because it is this studio’s turn for the next part. However, there are already numerous rumors about CoD 2021 and the website ModernWarzone claims to have learned something new from its sources.

Working title and setting

According to one Report from ModernWarzone Did they learn from their sources that the working title of the new Call of Duty „WWII: Vanguard“ should be. The Return to World War II was already the subject of some older leaks. ModernWarzone relied on the Leaker ViktorZ which, apart from the scenario, could not provide any further information. The working title supports this leak now.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Another leak contradicts the setting to some extent. According to the Insider Okami should it be the new Call of Duty in the 1950s devious and the Korean War thematize. According to the sources of ModernWarzone, there are cutscenes that take place at this time, but these could also follow on from the game.

ModernWarzone brings these two ideas together and theorizes that both are correct. The idea is that in the new Call of Duty, World War II doesn’t end in 1945, but in one alternative history that takes place in the 1950s. The idea itself is of course not new. Such “what if” scenarios exist, for example, in the Wolfenstein video game series or in the Amazon series “The Man In The High Castle”.

Call of Duty has never put much emphasis on historically accurate games, but when taking up real events, it was usually based on real events and data. Of course, this does not include the purely fictional scenarios in the future as in Call of Duty: Ghosts or Black Ops 3.

With an alternate story like this, Call of Duty would suit the scenario take a completely new direction.

Warzone 2021

According to the report, the new Call of Duty should also be integrated into Warzone and also a new map receive. As with Black Ops Cold War, weapons and operators are to be added in Warzone. This should even be planned for the next five years.

ModernWarzone has often been a reliable source of CoD leaks, but you should view this information with the necessary skepticism.