GTA Online is known for many sports, whether stunts, wreaking havoc or annoying players. But do you already know hood surfing? A GTA online player recently posted a surf clip on Reddit. An extremely fun, but also dangerous sport, which could soon lead to championships in GTA Online.

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GTA Online: sledding was yesterday

The GTA Online community is known for its toxic nature on the one hand, and for its on the other incredible creativity. Even seven years after the release, she still finds new ways to have fun with GTA Online. For example, the Reddit user developed ViiolatedKitty a completely new sport: Surf on hoods.

In the forum he presented a cool clip of his surf insert. All you need is a suitably parked car, a pistol and some madness. Sleighing was yesterday, the GTA Online community admires the athlete.

As cool as it looks his trip is so short: At some point the player flies off his "surfboard", but survives the fall. All that's missing now are the championships that select the best bonnet surfer.

But that is far from the most curious in GTA Online: We recently reported on two jet pilots who flew backwards and sideways through the Maze Bank Arena. Why? Because they can.

Even seven years after the release, the GTA online community has still not reached the limits of its creativity. Bonnet surfing – what's next? Stack cars as high as possible? We keep our eyes open and always provide you with the latest stories from GTA Online.