Ex-Twitch streamer Ludwig has only been on YouTube Gaming for a week and has now been mini-banned for the third time. Every time the DMCA rules are said to have been to blame. At least it was with his Reaction to a video that played the song Baby Shark, the case.

In short, Ludwig is not allowed to restream music on YouTube that is protected under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). So reacting to other videos will be more difficult for the streamer in the future. And that’s a huge problem, as reaction content is the easiest way to fill up time as a streamer.

Shit guys, I have to create my own content now

The former Twitch star has built a huge, loyal following by sharing his point of view, responding to current events, videos and streams, and doing streamer crossovers. He has no intention of turning away from it on YouTube, but the DMCA bans make him ponder how to proceed.

“I got these warnings during the streams when I was looking at things. And I thought that would mean that they would take my money away. But it also meant that they would bring my ass down,” said Ludwig im Stream. “So now I have to find a solution.”

Oh the irony

“The problem is, YouTube thinks we’re making content out of these videos, but it only reacts to other people’s content. They don’t get it. That makes it difficult.”

It’s a bit ironic. Because for his switch from Twitch to YouTube, Ludwig produced an elaborate video in which YouTube was positively highlighted because you can also play DMCA music there. This is also possible on Twitch, but in this case streamers have to delete their VOD in order not to incur a penalty.

Then Ludwig joked on the stream: “I’ll be fine, I know I’ll be fine, but there is no way that others can [Twitch]-Types like Mizkif, Hasan or even xQc can ever come to YouTube and survive. “

These three streamers mentioned also earn their money with comments on content that they did not produce themselves. Well, now Ludwig actually has to do something for his money.

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