There are always games that suddenly pop up and turn out to be huge player magnets. For example, a new survival game that is rapidly passing legendary games like Rainbow Six: Siege, GTA 5 and Rust on Steam.

Valheim came to Steam to stay

The Steam platform regularly updates the data in the Steam charts, the simultaneous player numbers for the current top 600 games even every 5 minutes. Of course, not much has changed in the short time, but one game stands out: Valheim.

The survival game was released on February 2, 2021 and therefore only a few weeks ago and yet it is at the current maximum of 367,443 simultaneous active players 4th in the most played games on Steam. It is already pulling past top games like GTA 5, which has been defending its place in the top 10 for years.

Valheim is still number one in the top seller charts. It is not yet known whether the game will also be released for consoles in the future. On the official website The only thing about the game so far is that they "Don't rule out console versions in the future".

Valheim is available as an Early Access game on Steam.

Original article from February 10, 2021:

Steam: New survival game makes everyone else look old

The popularity of survival games cannot be denied and so it is no wonder that some have been among the best-selling on Steam for months or even years. However, a new game currently makes everyone look old and climbs to the top of the charts shortly after its release.

Valheim: A typical survival game, isn't it?

Valheim, by Iron Gate AB, was released on February 2, 2021. Shortly after its release, the game entered the top 5 of the Steam charts and is now even in it at the top, but what makes the game so special for the fans?

If you read through the comments, you will come across the same statements again and again: “The game is challenging but not too difficult"," It's addicting and you don't want to stop ". According to the steam player meKo, the reason for this is "the infinite possibilities through building, terraforming, crafting, combat systems, exciting encounters and researching and discovering the great world".

In addition, the word Minecraft, which refers to the procedurally generated map, which involves crafting as well as building a base. The fact that you can play the game with up to 9 friends and that everything revolves around Vikings and myths makes the game even more attractive for many.

Valheim: What is the game about?

In Valheim you slip into the role of a fallen hero whose soul was brought to Valheim. The place is planned by creatures of chaos and ancient enemies of the gods. Your job is to kill Odin's ancient rivals and restore order.

Dark forests, the ocean and snow-capped peaks are waiting for you, all of which offer you materials to deadlier weapons, armor and Viking fortresses as well as building outposts.

Valheim clearly escaped this list.

Valheim is still in the Early Access phase, so it's not finished yet. If you still want to play, you will benefit from a lower price, but you could stumble across bugs and errors. The advantage of Early Access is that you have the chance influence the game with your feedback and to do better – the developer will surely thank you.