Multiplayer veteran Counter-Strike gets its own subscription service. It doesn’t cost much, but gamers are still wondering why they should pay for a service that they can get for free elsewhere.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Under the name of CS:GO 360 Stats Valve wants to offer a new subscription service for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The included features for collecting a variety of personal statistics were introduced with Operation Broken Fang and are intended to be used by the subscription service at the end of the operation can continue to be used.

What is CS: GO 360 Stats and how much does it cost?

The use of this statistics feature costs just under one US dollar per month (that’s the equivalent of 83 cents) and can be terminated at any time. The service only collects data with an active subscription. CS: GO 360 Stats offers detailed statistics to win rates or K / Ds also for individual weapons. Also, players get Hit profilesto see where they hit opponents most often with which weapon. Join in Motion profiles for the maps played and other statistics.

It was actually overdue for players of the most popular competitive first-person shooter to get such tools at their fingertips, which is also the problem of the whole thing.

All of this is already available for free

For years, community-developed websites have provided players with all of the statistics they need. Whether now csgostats, leetify or other platforms, for years they have been offering what Valve now wants to pay for free. The comments, for example, are correspondingly negative im Reddit out.

Some users are even concerned that Valve wants to restrict third-party access to the data they need to get players to subscribe. Others expect the expansion to a larger and more expensive premium subscription, which is now a rather inexpensive statistics service.

Valve has already had it in the past Dota Plus introduced a subscription service for the actually free MOBA Dota 2. The reactions back then were similar, but Dota Plus has now established itself in the community.