So far, Nintendo has not officially spoken about a new Switch model. But if the leaks are correct, you will not only find a faster CPU and more memory, but also a new type of Nvidia technology.

Nintendo Switch

New switch model could be a massive upgrade

The Switch is still a bestseller from Nintendo, but while it is still regularly stocked with updates and new content, it should not be forgotten that the console is already four years old. A lot has changed technically during this time, including the next generation of handhelds would benefit greatly.

According to the mostly well-informed industry service Bloomberg is to support the new switch model Nvidia Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS). DLSS is a rendering technology that uses hardware-accelerated machine learning, to display graphics in a higher resolution than internally calculated. The picture becomes sharper, more detailed and has less edge flickering (aliasing), as has already been impressively demonstrated on some PC titles.

In effect, games should be able to be displayed in 4K resolution when the switch is connected to a television. However, games would have to be specially prepared for the use of DLSS. This means that old games only benefit if they are provided with an appropriate patch.

The US company's new chip should do more Offer CPU performance, even from more memory is the talk. A 7-inch OLED screen from Samsung is also planned – sounds like a solid hardware upgrade for the Nintendo Switch.

According to Morningstar Research analyst Kazunori Ito, this increase in performance will generally be a big plus for both hardware and software sales. Nintendo learned from the mistakes of the past when the Wii lost momentum so quickly because the console did not offer HD resolution.

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What should the new switch cost?

Of course, Nintendo has not yet commented on this, but analysts have an assumption. It is expected that the new Switch will be offered at a higher price than the "original". A price that has remained unchanged since the Switch was first released in 2017 – excluding offers and special editions.

Bloomberg's Matthew Kanterman anticipates one Increase of up to $ 100, around $ 349.99 as the price for the upcoming model. However, he also thinks that Nintendo could still generate strong demand even at $ 399.99.

What Would the Nintendo Switch Do Better? We have precise ideas:

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Nintendo Switch Monster Hunter Rise Edition

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