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The Blu-ray and DVD novelties from Monday, March 23 to Friday, March 27. To make your time in isolation more pleasant, a particularly large selection of DVD and Blu-ray novelties awaits you this week. The selection here ranges from family films like "Die Eiskönigin 2" to horror strips like "Die Farbe aus dem Space" with Nicolas Cage and action films like "Cut and Run". For nature documentary fans there is now also a 4K version of "Seven Continents – One Planet" and those who expect a little more can look forward to "James Franco's Sal (OmU)". You can find out which other DVDs and Blu-rays appear this week here.

With "Frozen 2 " the continuation of the popular animated film "Frozen" about the sisters Elsa and Anna appears. In this magical film for the whole family, the two experience a whole new adventure together with their friends Christoff and Olaf the Schneeman. Together they try to find out a mysterious secret of their kingdom. The film will be released on DVD and Blu-ray as well as 3D Blu-ray.

In "The color from space"a family would like to withdraw more to the country. But in the secluded idyll there is also a strange meteorite. This suddenly discolors the surrounding area, which also begins to mutate and produce strange phenomena. What at first seems merely as a peculiarity of nature arises quickly turns out to be very dangerous. The film based on a book by HP Lovecraft with Nicolas Cage in the leading role appears on DVD, Blu-ray and as 4K UHD Blu-ray. (h2) Here is the trailer for "Die Eiskönigin 2" :

Frozen 2: Second trailer of the new adventure with Anna, Elsa and Olaf

Here is the trailer for "The Color Out of Space":

Thursday March 26th

titlegenreBuying mediaproviders
Ardennes 1944Drama, war filmDVD, Blu-rayExplosive
The old, dark houseHorror, comedyBlu-raycook
The Philadelphia experimentScience fictionBlu-raycook
So close to the horizondramaDVD, Blu-rayStudio channel
The Chaos CopComedy, dramaDVD, Blu-raycook
The white sheikhcomedyDVD, Blu-rayStudio channel
Frozen – completely brazen / Frozen 2 (2Discs)Animation, fantasyDVD, Blu-rayThe Walt Disney Company
Frozen 2Animation, fantasyDVD, Blu-rayThe Walt Disney Company
Frozen 2 (3D Blu-ray + Blu-ray)Animation, fantasyBlu-rayThe Walt Disney Company
The color from space – Color Out of SpaceHorror, science fictionDVD, Blu-raycook
The color from space – Color Out of Space UHD 4K Blu-rayHorror, science fictionDVD, Blu-raycook
The nights of the Cabiria (digitally restored)dramaDVD, Blu-rayStudio channel
Doctor Who – Four to Twelve (2 discs)Science fictionDVD, Blu-rayPandastorm
Duel at dawn – Gunman's WalkWestern filmBlu-rayExplosive
Eric Rohmer – Narratives of the Four Seasons (4 discs)Drama, comedyDVD, Blu-rayStudio channel
Eric Rohmer – Comedies and Proverbs (6 discs)dramaDVDStudio channel
Eric Rohmer – Moral Stories (5 Discs)dramaDVDStudio channel
Hawaii Five-O – Season 9Thriller, crime thrillerDVD, Blu-rayParamount
I have never been to New YorkComedy, musicalDVD, Blu-rayUniversal
In All Friendship – The 22nd Season, Part 2dramaDVDStudio channel
Last ChristmascomedyDVD, Blu-rayUniversal
Official Secrets Drama, thrillerDVD, Blu-rayUniversal
Peppa Pig – the secret clubAnimation, childrenDVDUniversal
Spirit – Wild and Free, Season 2, Vol. 2Animation, childrenDVDUniversal
The (Silent) WarAction, dramaDVD, Blu-raycook

(/ h2)

Friday March 27th

titlegenreBuying mediaproviders
1994 – Welcome to the Second Republic (3 discs)dramaDVDpolyband
2040 – We save the world!documentaryDVD, Blu-rayLeonine
9 days awakedramaDVDLeonine
A River Within – Together against the currentAdventure, dramaDVD, Blu-rayLighthouse
Adult babiesThriller, horrorDVD, Blu-raySplendid
Agatha Christie: Marple – Season 4 (2 discs)CrimeDVDpolyband
Airborne – Come Die With MeThriller, mysteryDVDGreat Movies
Chords of love – Penny SerenadedramaDVDStudio Hamburg
Arsène Lupine, the Master Thief – Volume 1Animation, adventureDVDPidax
Big Daddy – Make America Stoned AgainAction, crime thrillerDVD, Blu-rayLighthouse
Body at Brighton RockThriller, adventureDVD, Blu-raySplendid
Brecha (OmU)dramaDVDcmv laser vision
Candyman 3 -Day of the DeadhorrorDVD, Blu-rayNSM Records
Children of the SeaAnimation, mysteryDVD, Blu-raypolyband
Cut and runAction, horrorDVD, Blu-raycmv laser vision
The Beast – The Bat (Colored Version)Thriller / horrorDVDStudio Hamburg
The New Land, Vol. 1 (2 discs)Adventure, costume filmDVDPidax
The snake woman's biteHorror, fantasyBlu-raycmv laser vision
The shine of the invisibleComedy, dramaDVD, Blu-raygood! movies
The liquidatorActionBlu-rayWVG
DesperadoWestern filmDVDStudio Hamburg
Desperado II – RevengeWestern filmDVDStudio Hamburg
The bandit by the bandit BarbarosaWestern filmDVDPidax
The history of the First World WardocumentaryDVDWVG
The golden galleyadventureDVDGreat Movies
The Big Monster Movie Box (3 Discs)horrorDVDLighthouse
The art of KamasutraEroticDVDLighthouse
Pandola's Horsemen (2 Discs)Adventure, costume filmDVDPidax
A light between the cloudsdramaDVDgood! movies
A strong team – Box 3, Film 17-22 (3 discs)CrimeDVDStudio Hamburg
An unforgettable summerdramaDVDcmv laser vision
The spoken word is validDrama, romanceDVDAL! VE
Friedrich Holderlin: Be a poet. Absolutely!documentaryDVDabsolutely media
Spring: enjoy every momentdramaDVDStudio Hamburg
Spring: traces of the pastdramaDVDStudio Hamburg
Gate – The undergroundhorrorBlu-rayNSM Records
Caught in Rio – Ronald Biggs and the big mail robberyCrimeDVDEuroVideo
God be praiseddramaDVDPandora
Get In – Or Die TryingThriller / horrorDVD, Blu-raySplendid
Giant Little OnesdramaDVD, Blu-rayEuroVideo
Halloween haunthorrorDVD, Blu-raySplendid
Harlem N.Y.C. – The price of powerDrama, thrillerDVD, Blu-rayNSM Records
High school, sex & potcomedyDVDWVG
I'm always there for you – Main Hoon Na (Shah Rukh Khan Classics)Drama, music filmDVD, Blu-rayAL! VE
I.I never promised you a rose gardendramaBlu-rayGreat Movies
Family idiotsdramaDVDLighthouse
James Franco's Sal (OmU)dramaDVDcmv laser vision
Jet boydramaDVDcmv laser vision
Stoner vs. Killer mosquitosHorror, comedyDVD, Blu-rayLighthouse
Commissioner Rex – The Complete Season 6CrimeDVDTV jewels
Commissioner Rex – The Complete Season 7CrimeDVDTV jewels
Artist, king and modeldramaDVDStudio Hamburg
Better Antoine than no trouble at allcomedyDVD, Blu-raygood! movies
Castles in the airDrama, eroticDVDAtlas film
Magical IcelanddocumentaryDVD, Blu-raypolyband
Marfa Girl 2 – Fucking Texas AgainDrama, eroticDVD, Blu-rayDanube film
Mom + Mom (OmU)dramaDVDPRO-FUN Media
Murder in Tuscany – The Complete SeriesThriller, crime thrillerDVDPro-FUN Media
Munich murder: what is left of life CrimeDVDStudio Hamburg
News from the Süderhof season 5 (2 discs)Children's filmDVDStudio Hamburg
Om Shanti Om (Shah Rukh Khan Classics)dramaDVD, Blu-rayAL! VE
Papyrus – The Complete Season 1 Animation, adventureDVDPidax
Petzi and his friends – The complete series in one boxAnimation, children's filmDVDWVG
steal horsesdramaDVD, Blu-rayMFA +
Pioneers of the horror filmhorrorDVDGreat Movies
PJ Masks – The Butterfly TroopAnimation, children's filmDVDjustbridge
Pokémon 10 – The Rise of DarkraiAnimation, children's filmDVD, Blu-raypolyband
PréludedramaDVDAL! VE
Primal – The hunt is onThriller, adventureDVD, Blu-rayLeonine
Punishment – trace of violenceAction, thrillerBlu-rayWVG
Pensioners Cops – Season 2Crime, comedyDVDRC release
Roland Reber's death reviewDrama, satireDVD, Blu-rayWVG
Sam Fox – Extreme Adventures – DVD 1: Shark AlarmAdventure, children's filmDVDSpirit Media
Sanctuary – Population OneDrama, science fictionDVD, Blu-rayLighthouse
Scotch – A Golden DreamdocumentaryDVDpolyband
Seven Continents – One Planet 4K UHD Blu-raydocumentaryBlu-raypolyband
Sleep No MoreHorror, mysteryDVD, Blu-rayLighthouse
Susan … desperately wantedThriller, comedyDVD, Blu-rayjustbridge
Terranauts – aliens conquer the worldScience fictionDVDGreat Movies
The Battle: Roar to VictoryAction, war filmDVD, Blu-raySplendid film
The Dangerous Mind of a HooliganActionDVD, Blu-raySplendid film
The Manster: Half Man – Half Monster (Colored Version)Science fictionDVDStudio Hamburg
Truth – The truth can be very cruel …Drama, thrillerDVDcmv laser vision
And facing the futuredramaDVD, Blu-raygood! movies
Our life with fathercomedyDVDStudio Hamburg
Our earth from spacedocumentaryDVD, Blu-raypolyband
Father's Day – Welcome to the deep seaanimationDVDEuroVideo
Before dawnThriller, horrorDVD, Blu-raycmv laser vision
WarlockWestern filmBlu-rayWVG
Why don't you just die!Comedy, actionDVD, Blu-rayALAMODE
Where Destiny Takes Us – Chalte Chalte (Shah Rukh Khan Classics)Drama, comedyDVD, Blu-rayAL! VE

Check out last week's Blu-ray and DVD releases here.

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Blu-ray & DVD: New in stores this week (March 16 – March 20)

The Blu-ray and DVD novelties from Monday March 2nd to Friday March 6th. Blu-ray & DVD: New in stores this week (March 9th - March 13th)

Blu-ray & DVD: New in stores this week (March 9th – March 13th)

The Blu-ray and DVD novelties from Monday March 2nd to Friday March 6th.