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The Kojima Productions team has released a new trailer for the Death Stranding PC release. The title of Hideo Kojima is now available not only for PlayStation 4, but also with further improvements for the PC. Among other things, fans can look forward to Ultrawide support, 60 FPS or DLSS 2.0.

Just over eight months after the release of Death Stranding for PS4, the title of Hideo Kojima and his team at Kojima Productions has now been released for the PC. Appropriately, the makers have now shared another trailer for the game, which you can watch above. The focus of the video is above all the improvements and differences to the existing PS4 version of Death Stranding.

Highlights include support for 60 frames per second or for Nvidia's Deep Learning Super Samling (DLSS) 2.0. Ultrawide support can also be found in the PC implementation of Death Stranding. In an interview, Art Director Yoji Shinkawa made a very positive statement about the new 21: 9 format:

"The biggest surprise players will get with Death Stranding for PC is the support for 21: 9 ultrawide screens (…) If you have this wider horizontal perspective, you can see more enemies and you will find them easier where you want to go because the information on the screen is much more visible. (…) You could say that you can almost see a TV show on a PlayStation 4 console with the normal 16: 9 format – but in Death Stranding for the PC gives you the impression that you are watching a movie in the cinema when you use Ultrawide. "

Exclusive in the PC implementation of Death Stranding, some objects from the half-life universe were also accommodated. These were already presented in March.

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