Warner Bros. wanted to reveal the new trailer for The Suicide Squad in a special way – as a commercial in front of selected YouTube videos. However, the action backfired a bit. Shortly after it became known that the trailer was now in circulation, fans started looking to get the spot played for themselves.

They then shared excerpts or the entire trailer with other fans on Twitter or Instagram. A little later, however, many of these users received a copyright warning from Warner Bros. Not the best reaction to fans who actually wanted to promote the film on their own channels by sharing their excitement for The Suicide Squad with all of their followers.

A few hours later, those responsible have at least published the trailer as a normal YouTube video on the platform so that fans no longer have to wait for a random advertisement. In the title of the video there is the note “do not share”, which is why trailers should continue to refrain from sharing the trailer for the time being.

The Suicide Squad will hit theaters on August 5, 2021. In the US, the film will also be available on HBO Max at the same time. In Germany, Sky is responsible for the publication of the productions as a partner of Warner and HBO Max. It is not yet known whether The Suicide Squad will be shown on Sky when it is released in theaters.

via ComicBookMovie

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