from André Linken
After a few months of radio silence, there is now another sign of life from the film Tenet. It is the latest work by director Christopher Nolan, who has made a name for himself through films such as Inception, the Dark Knight Trilogy and the war drama Dunkirk. At Tenet, the focus is on the manipulation of time and the associated effects. So there will certainly be a lot to think about again. By the way, John David Washington – the son of the famous actor Denzel Washington – can be seen in the leading role. Also included is the actor Michael Caine, who was also seen as Alfred in the Batman films. Incidentally, as the new trailer makes it clear, Tenet should definitely be released in cinemas and not like many other films sold to a streaming provider. Due to the current corona pandemic, however, there is no specific date.

Also popular with PC game readers The war film Greyhound with Tom Hanks will be shown on Apple TV +.

Greyhound: World War I film with Tom Hanks lands on Apple TV +

The world war film Greyhound with Tom Hanks will not find its way into the cinemas. Amazon has started to warn several sellers of its marketplace for overpriced surgical face masks.

Rumors about AMC Theaters: Amazon could take over largest cinema chain in the world

According to current rumors, Amazon may be about to take over the AMC Theaters (largest cinema chain in the world). Tom Cruise will make a film on the ISS space station.

Tom Cruise makes a film on the ISS space station

Actor Tom Cruise even goes into space for one of his next films.