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With the help of this new trailer, the German developer studio 42 Bits Entertainment gets you in the mood for the new god simulation Fata Deum. The game, financed with the help of a Kickstarter campaign, is scheduled to enter the early access phase from April 2021, which is scheduled to last around nine months. The gameplay material in the trailer is from an early alpha version.

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Fata Deum: Kickstarter trailer for the new god game

The German development studio 42 Bits Entertainment introduces you to the new god game Fata Deum with the help of this trailer. You slip into the role of a godlike being with supernatural powers and gather more and more followers around you. Your goal is to build the most glorious civilization possible and to assert yourself against other gods. The Kickstarter campaign for Fata Deum should bring in 40,000 euros, the release is planned for the third quarter of 2021. MMO hope Chronicles of Elyria: development stopped, team sacked (1)

Developing the MMO Hope Chronicles of Elyria stopped

No more money, development stopped and the team fired. The future of Chronicles of Elyria looks bleak … Chronicles of Elyria: Almost $ 7.8 million in crowdfunding MMO (1)

Chronicles of Elyria: Almost $ 7.8 million via crowdfunding

Even without a publisher, the team of the MMORPG Chronicles of Elyria has raised a lot of money in recent years.

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