Before you can finally dive into the old days on September 23 and indulge in looting Diablo 2 Resurrected, it won’t be long. In the remaining time until the launch, Blizzard took on the task of introducing the playable classes in short videos and is now entering the final round.

Out of the shadows

The last remaining class is the Assassin. The devious assassin prefers to strike from the shadows and is very familiar with martial arts and a wide range of deadly traps. Her preferred melee weapon are the claws, which she wears in both hands.

The introduction video embedded here also presents the assassin in action and shows how her skills can easily take out several enemies at once. The nefarious assassin dominates the battlefield with various elemental attacks and sends lightning through hordes of enemies or shoots ice daggers around her.

She is well versed in the use of various attacks and can, for example, burn enemies with her fists of fire, while stealing life and mana from enemies with the cobra strike. With the kite kick she proves her physical abilities and jumps evil creatures with a targeted kick in the opponent’s face.

The Assassin joins the other classes presented so far from Diablo 2 Resurrected. We were already able to marvel at the paladin, the barbarian, the sorceress, the necromancer, the druid and the amazon. On September 23rd you will be spoiled for choice when Diablo 2 Resurrected is released for PC and all consoles. If you are not yet sure whether you want to give the new edition a chance, take a look at our technology check.

Those: Blizzard Entertainment

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