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To match the presentation of the gaming ampere graphics cards RTX 3090, RTX 3080 and RTX 3070, Nvidia has also released a new trailer for Watch Dogs Legion, which again shows the ray tracing effects. Watch Dogs: Legion will offer DLSS support, including the new DLSS 8K. Included are ray-traced reflections that spice up shops, skyscrapers, cars and more. In addition, Nvidia offers a bundle of Watch Dogs: Legion with the new GPUs of the RTX 30 series. Geforce Now members can stream Watch Dogs: Legion on launch on Geforce Now.

We already know that about Watch Dogs Legion (buy now € 58.19 ):

"Ubisoft presented Watch Dogs: Legion for the first time at E3 2013. After Chicago and San Francisco, London is now the setting for the game. The citizens of the city are oppressed by a surveillance state, and the player in turn builds the resistance in Watch Dogs: Legion.

A new element of the game in the third Watch Dogs part is that there shouldn't be a classic main character. Instead, it will be possible to take over any NPC and use their abilities from now on. In the gameplay trailer, for example, the character Ian Robshow dies after a short time, whereupon the player slips into the role of an extremely combative grandmother.

The player can add up to twenty characters to his squad and take turns controlling them. With this system, however, there is also a permadeath: If one of the characters dies, there is no respawn and you have to take care of a replacement. Each character has its own development progress, so game progress is lost when you die.

Compared to its predecessors, there has been a change in the responsible studio: Instead of Ubisoft Montreal, Ubisoft Toronto is now in charge of development. As with the two predecessors, there is again a collaboration with Nvidia, which this time focuses in particular on ray tracing. Nvidia has announced that Watch Dogs: Legion will rely on DXR and support the in-house RTX graphics cards.

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