Satisfactory has been in Early Access on Steam since 8/8/2020 – overall, the title has been in development since March 19, 2019, initially exclusively in the Epic Games Store, which not only resulted in positive votes.

This is what the publisher says about Satisfactory Update 5:
“Coffee Stain Studios are pleased to announce the release of Satisfactory Update 5. This brings the long-awaited update from the experimental phase to Early Access on Steam and in the Epic Games Store. Update 5 brings players much-needed new content , Gameplay updates and visual revisions.

Update 5 was released on October 26th in the experimental branch and was refined with various bug fixes, quality of life improvements and optimizations before the start of Early Access:

It’s a Sign
Update 5 brings the players ten different “shield” buildings that can be freely placed in the world on height-adjustable masts, attached to buildings and storage containers or even attached to one another. With a variety of layouts, these signs are highly customizable, giving players the freedom to customize text, colors, backgrounds, and display any symbol in the game – including the shield icons.

No more mixed signals!
With the introduction of the train collision mechanics in Update 5, signals at level 6 can be activated. This central technology for shared track systems allows players to regulate traffic and ensure efficiency with the implementation of block and path signals, which are provided with color-coded segments on the track to give players the ability to signal more intuitive to create. Block signals can be placed to form sections of track that a single train can travel simultaneously, while path signals reserve specific paths through a section, enabling more efficient, collision-free crossings. Players need to place multiple signals as best they can to avoid clashes and dead ends. In addition, the user interface of locomotives and stations has been improved, which enables better time management and provides an overview of all trains, stations and routes in the world.

Are there any road works?
The automatic wayfinding of vehicles has been improved, with the introduction of obstacle avoidance, the inclusion of upcoming waypoints in the path to a destination and the new “FICSIT Automated Vehicle Hologram Safety Mode”, which helps to get lost vehicles back on the right track . This update brings an improved display when viewing from a distance, and the route guidance can be saved, replicated and shared with all vehicles. The Truck Station has been redesigned with an additional input and output slot and an improved user interface.

Decorate the walls
The Customizer is a brand new tool available in Update 5 that gives players the freedom to give their factories their own flair. It is available from level 2 as part of the construction weapon and allows players to change the appearance of the most important cosmetic fixtures in their factory such as walls, roofs, foundations and ramps. Players can experiment by choosing from a wide variety of 58 prints available in this tool. In addition, the customizer includes the capabilities of the existing paint cannon, but no longer requires a paint cartridge to use it.

Dedicated server support
Coffee Stain Studios also releases tools that allow players to set up their own dedicated servers – allowing players to share their world with their friends without the host player having to play the game. The tools for dedicated servers are currently in an experimental stage, more information can be found here.

Update 5 will conclude with a number of cosmetic structures, adjustments, and quality of life improvements in the building system. The northern forest and the surrounding areas are getting a complete makeover of their appearance and there are further optimizations in the game. “

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