New transmog rules for fabric carriers in Shadowlands

from Tanja Adov
In WoW: Shadowlands, Blizzard's developers set new rules for transmog. In the future, cloth carriers such as priests, sorcerers and magicians will be allowed to transmog the wands with other available types of weapons such as maces, daggers and swords.

The era of T-Set armor ended in Battle for Azeroth, which especially disappointed the fans of transmogs. To this end, Blizzard's developers created new rules for the popular transmogrification feature. For example, players may transmog their artifact weapons that they lost at the end of WoW: Legion. The Legendarys no longer go to waste in the bank, but have served us as a Transmgog template ever since. With WoW Shadowlands, the developers want to go one step further and unlock the artifact weapon templates for transmogging for all game styles. We don't know whether this will work, but the idea is already the first step in the right direction. Because more choice in the virtual wardrobe is never wrong!

As for the topic of transmogs, Shadowlands is getting further positive adjustments (buy now for 14.54 €). Our heroes can look forward to all kinds of new sets. The sources for stylish clothes in the next WoW expansion are just as diverse as the designs that optically connect to the respective areas. The highlight of the brand new transmo armor, however, are the unique pact sets that you get as soon as you have sworn allegiance to the Kyrians, Nachtfae, Necrolords or the Venthyr. There are also new cool transmog weapons for heroes who prefer simple and classic designs.

The wardrobes of priests, warlocks and magicians are getting an update that will please players as well. In the future you will be allowed to transmog your wands with other available types of weapons such as maces (priests), daggers (all) and swords (magicians and sorcerers). The WoW community is thrilled. No wonder! After all, the wands in WoW look less imposing than a beautiful sword or a powerful mace.

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