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A new update for Borderlands 2 VR now brings the long-awaited support for Valve Index to the shooter. The patch was released today by Gearbox Software. In addition, VR players can now choose whether the camera should follow the movements of the hands or the head. The FPS in target mode can now also be set.

The Gearbox Software team has released a new update for Borderlands 2 VR, with which Valve Index is now one of the compatible VR headsets for the shooter. Back in October 2019, the creators accidentally listed support for Valve Index on their own website. Now fans had to wait almost two months until the leak actually became reality.

With the update, the developers have also added a new function with which the camera is now based on the movements of the hands and no longer on the head. In the options, players can adjust this setting to their own preference. In addition, different FPS variants are now available for aiming in the shooter. Players can choose between 30, 60, 90 and 120 frames per second. The Patch notes for the update can be found on the Borderlands website.

Source: Gearbox software

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