Sunday, October 24, 2021

New Vegas maker is … different

The developer studio behind Fallout: New Vegas plans to release a new game this year. A classic role-playing game should not come to you with Grounded. Obsidian is now trying a survival adventure that shrinks to insect size.

Beware of beetle bites!

The "Inside Xbox" stream came up with some interesting announcements and updates. In addition to a featured Sea Of Thieves update and an insight into The Last Campfire gameplay, you can also look forward to a new game from the Fallout: New Vegas makers, Grounded.

Obsidion's new project is not another role-playing game, but a survival adventure. In this you are shrunk to the size of an ant and have to fight for survival between grasses and branches. In order not to get spider bites or beetle secretions, you craft weapons from the materials that nature has to offer. You also have to put together your own hideaway from leaves and sticks.

In this short story trailer you can get an idea of ​​the big crawling:

Grounded is coming this summer

Although the game does a lot different visually and gameplay-technically than previous works by Obsidion, it arouses curiosity. How big will the world inhabited by giant beetles be? Will the survival game match the quality of The Outer Worlds or Fallout: New Vegas? Already this summer, more specifically from July 28th, you can get to grips with the game. Then it will probably come in early access for the PC and Xbox One.

Would you like to explore the world of Grounded from a new perspective or is Obsidion's style break too extreme for you? Please write us your opinion in the comments!