New video apparently shows gameplay from beta

from Andreas Bertits
A new gameplay video for the Hack and Slay Diablo 4 has appeared. Apparently this comes from a newer beta version, although the same game section can be seen as in the BlizzCon demo.

It looks like there is new gameplay material from Diablo 4 to see. However, this is not quite certain, since the same section of the game can be seen that was already shown in the BlizzCon demo.

New gameplay or not?

It is gameplay of the barbarian from the questline "A Light in the Dark". At the beginning we see a new barbarian who has a different look than the known. This fights his way through a dungeon and can escape from the dungeon before it collapses. Then it continues on the upper world. The video is about 20 minutes long.

Basically, the scenes are already known. According to DSOGaming, however, they should come from a later version of the game, a beta build. It cannot be said whether this is really the case. The quality of the video is not too good. This makes it difficult to distinguish between the November demo and this new video. The UI elements all look the same.

If the video comes from a new version of Diablo 4, then at least the graphics and UI don't seem to have really changed. Of course, Blizzard could have worked on the balancing and other internal systems. After all, the BlizzCon demo made a very good impression. To make really extensive changes when the gameplay was well received, the demo played well and everything went smoothly seems to make little sense.

Perhaps Diablo fans who have devoured all previous material discover any differences or can say with certainty that it is exactly the same version from November. Until then, we just assume that it is new gameplay from a more recent build of the hack and slay.

It is still not clear when Diablo 4 will be released. Blizzard plans to release the action RPG for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The company has not yet commented on the next-gen consoles.

Source: DSOGaming

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