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Although Warcraft: The Beginning is quite a flop in the US, there are many fans of the film who hold on to the hope of a sequel. New rumors suggest this possibility – but at best these are early deliberations.

According to the film website's confidential sources wegotthiscovered should a new movie about Warcraft is planned be. What makes this daring statement interesting is that, according to the site's authors, the same sources revealed Ben Affleck's return in the Flash movie a month before the official announcement. Until the official statement or even an announcement by Blizzard, this is just a rumor. So far, the chances of another Warcraft film have been pretty bad, because the expensive CGI festival from 2016 was a huge flop in the USA.

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China prevented Warcraft's global flop

With a huge production budget of 160 million US dollars, the box office success in the USA looked terrible: the movie adaptation could not even bring in 50 million US dollars. Fortunately, there was China in this regard: About half ($ 213 million) of global success from Warcraft is due to the Middle Kingdom. In comparison, German cinema admissions contributed only 15 million US dollars. So the fantasy film has just not turned out to be a losing business. Because, combined with marketing costs, a film must, according to the rule of thumb, bring in at least double its budget.

Warcraft: The Beginning: New German trailer for the Warcraft movie

Sequel or reboot? No info yet

At this point it is of course questionable whether a new film – should it really be in the works – would tie in with Warcraft (2016). A new beginning would also be possible, although the fans of the first film (if not numerous enough) would prefer a sequel with characters like Thrall and Arthas. But it is still unknown whether the responsible studio Legendary Pictures behind the scenes has already made this decision.

How do you feel about these rumors? Do you want a Warcraft sequel, a new start – or no film adaptation at all? Write us in the comments!

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