According to a source from YouTuber TheXclusiveAce, work on the Call of Duty to be expected this year is already very advanced and the Leaker shared a lot of information about the game.

Call of Duty: Warzone

The YouTuber presents in a video TheXclusiveAce Information that an insider wants to have obtained. This source is said to be a Q&A tester and showed the YouTuber existing gameplay videos. Of course, none of the following information is officially confirmed and should therefore be used with caution.

TheXclusiveAce is not a YouTuber that chases every rumor to have content. His videos are usually well researched and he cares for you serious handling of informationn. The video itself has meanwhile been set to private, but in one Reddit thread and on the Call of Duty news portal Charlie Intel there are written summaries of the video.

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Setting, release and state of development

The source confirmed that already circulating Cold War setting. A release was actually planned for the end of the third quarter, i.e. September 2020, but this is said to have been moved to the fourth, more specifically, to October / early November 2020.

The game itself is supposed to be in one very advanced stage of development be. The campaign is done with the exception of some animations and parts of the synchronization. In the multiplayer some textures and a few bug fixes are still missing.

Maps of multiplayer and warzone

The multiplayer is said to be current ten maps to have. One of them is a ship in the Black Sea, another is called Mall, a shopping center and is said to be quite complex. The “Satellite” map is a desert with cave systems and is reminiscent of “Afghan” from MW2. "Tank" could already be seen in a leaked video and the map "Tundra" only allows guesswork based on its name. The last leaked map is "KGB", it is said to resemble the well-known "Shoot House".

The nnew Warzone map is said to be in Russia. In the middle there should be a big Lake and it should be in a corner snow covered mountains give. The names of some places are "Mines", "Chemical Lab", "Weather Station", "Ski Slopes", "Duga", "Zoo" and "Battery". The source suspects that the map is somewhat different from Warzone from Modern Warfare smaller but more open is.

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"Setbacks" in gameplay

The "Standard" mini map before Modern Warfare (2019) is supposed to return, which means that if a weapon is fired without a silencer, this player will appear on the minimap. Nevertheless, it will become one again compass give.

There should also be some changes in the movement, Swimming, sliding and endless sprinting should return. There should also be water on the cards, which should no longer be Doors with which players can interactthey should only be found in Warzone.

The new CoD is said to be closed again 150 healthbut with automatic healing to return. But the source knows nothing about the “time-to-kill”.

The selection of equipment and weapons should be made through a Mix of "Create a Class" and the return to the "Pick 10" system respectively. There is currently no Gunsmith. Leaning weapons against edges, for example to look around corners, should not be involved.

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If this information is correct, the next Call of Duty is more a return to old mechanics, which are partly related to the style of the Black Ops series and the handwriting of developer Treyarch. How do you feel about this leak? Will Call of Duty 2020 be a good CoD?

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