Today, Thursday, the starting shot for the first “Technical Test” of the first-person shooter Halo Infinite will be given, in which the participants can compete in the bot arena, among other places. Shortly beforehand, the responsible development studio 343 Industries had given a first closer look at the multiplayer games as part of a live stream – and presented a feature that had never been seen before in any other Halo game.

During the stream, among other things, the options of the PC version could be spotted. It was not only about the settings for the graphics, but also for the control. There it was possible to assign a specific button to the “Drop Weapon” action. So it will be in Halo Infinite (buy now ) be able to put down your current weapon and hand it over to a teammate. This was also possible in earlier Halo games – but only indirectly. To do this, you first had to find another weapon that was lying on the ground in order to be able to swap it with the one currently in use. This will be much easier with Halo Infinite in the future – and thus certainly open up new tactical possibilities. The producer Sam Hanshaw said during the stream:

“It’s very fun to use – especially when you’re dealing with less experienced players. You can pick up some missiles and hand them over to them. They can then play around with a powerful weapon that they normally wouldn’t have got their hands on.”

The current “Technical Test” of Halo Infinite will take place from July 29th to August 1st, 2021 and is limited to comparatively few participants. However, further test phases with significantly more players are to follow.

What: 343 Industries

Halo Infinite is the first game in the series to offer a new weapon feature. (2) [Quelle: 343 Industries]

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