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The developers of New World have revealed a completely new type of weapon for the Amazon MMO with a teaser on Twitter. This weapon suggests a number of crazy war tools that stand out from the more traditional swords, bows and wands.

On Twitter, the developers of New World presented a big innovation in weapon types with a small teaser. To do this, players first had to share a tweet often enough – the so-called ice cuffs were revealed as a “reward”. In the little teaser video you can see how the magic paws work:

Although there is still no official description of the skills that you get via ice gauntlets, the video allows a good guess:

  • Eissäuleattacking opponents
  • Linear Ice wave from icicles that shoot out of the ground and stumble opponents
  • Desire more Snowstorm
  • Ray of frostacting like a flamethrower

Expeditions in New World: The Dungeons of the World Aeternum

Frost Thrower Gloves in New World – do they fit?

The ice gauntlets stand out from the more conventional weapons of New World (buy now 39,99 € ) from. Swords, spears, hammers, bows and wands were rather simple tools of war. Even if a fire stick with a shower of flames is more fantasy-specific, the other options came out without thunderstorms and mostly relied on physical, reasonably realistic damage. In contrast, magic gloves directly awaken memories of Asian MMOs, in which ring blades, gigantic rifles, scythes & Co. are the order of the day.

Ebonscale Reach in New World is clearly inspired by the Asian region, not the landscape of North America.

Ebonscale Reach in New World is clearly inspired by the Asian region, not the landscape of North America.

Quelle: Amazon Game Studios

Already the Outlook on the new Asian-inspired region made some players skeptical. After all, many fans of New World became because the American colonization dominated fantasy world Aeternum promised unaccustomed MMO fare. Magic ice gloves now open the door for other crazy weapon types.

Or what do you mean? Are frosty finger guards still in place or is New World moving too far away from the roots?

New World: The MMO’s World Aeternum in the trailer

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