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Game Director Scot Lane of Amazon Game Studios revealed new details about New World in an interview. The conversation included the MMO's combat system, which got some inspiration from Dark Souls. Skill trees and the lack of console implementation are also topics of the interview.

The Amazon Game Studios team gave another look at their upcoming MMO project New World as part of the Game Awards. In the run-up to the award, Game Director Scot Lane already spoke about various areas of the title in an interview with Eurogamer. Among other things, it was about the fighting system of New World, which gets some inspiration from From Software's Dark Souls.

The developers have made the combat system much more accessible – but still want your personal skills to have a direct impact in combat. In PvP mode, players with a level 45 character could easily defeat a level 50 opponent because they are a bit more skilled in combat. There will be no traditional MMO combat system with clicking the enemies.

Weapon skill trees for more variation

In New World, players will also not select a class at the beginning. Instead, they can decide which role they want to play in the game by distributing skill points as the adventure progresses. In addition to your character, there will also be a skill tree for each weapon in the MMO. The more you fight with an item, the more options you have to choose from. The quick weapon switch, with which you can switch between different weapons as often as you like, will also provide further strategies.

No console version planned

New World will be released exclusively for the PC in May 2020 – with a closed beta for all pre-orders in April 2020. According to Game Director Scot Lane, a console version of the MMO has not yet been considered. However, rumors have recently surfaced about Amazon's own streaming service, which could be launched in the coming year. Here it is quite conceivable that New World will become part of the offer and could therefore be played anywhere.

Source: euro Gamer

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