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In the ancestral arenas, New World players will soon be able to face many tough challenges with their group. The Amazon Game Studios have now revealed the first details about the new PvE content for the online role-playing game. You have to defeat the boss in the arena within a time limit. If you succeed, you can look forward to high-quality and even legendary equipment.

The Amazon Game Studios team has released new details about the upcoming online role-playing game New World. The blog this time is about the ancestral arenas that players will encounter in PvE. Before you can take on one of these challenges, however, you must first find a Spriggan key that randomly drops the enemy in Aeternum. You will then receive coordinates that will show you the way to the ancestral arenas.

According to the developers, players in the arena can look forward to a tough boss fight. You can also bring your friends with you. They simply have to stand next to the column at the entrance and are also teleported to the arena. In the video below you get a first glimpse into the ancestral arenas.

New World: The group challenge against the Spriggan

If you can decide the fight for yourself, you can look forward to high-quality equipment with your group. Legendary items will also sometimes be found. However, you have to complete the task within a time limit. If you fail to complete the arena beforehand, you will be brought back into the game world and will not receive any rewards. Further information – including a Q&A with the development team – can be found in Blog read up. You can find screenshots of the role-playing game below the message. New World will be released on August 25, 2020 for the PC.

Source: Amazon Game Studios

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