It’s no secret that New World is having quite a few problems right now. Annoying mechanics, never-ending bugs, and developers who don’t communicate properly with their players. For example, many explanatory posts from developers were only shared in response to a player thread.

In terms of communication and transparency, the developers at Amazon have now made significant progress. On the one hand, an update on the weekly patch is to be published every Tuesday from now on. Each new patch will also receive a megathread in which feedback and bug reports are collected. Furthermore, there is now a “Dev Corner” in the official forums for the title, in which the developers want to share detailed reports on the status of the game.

Together with the new one Patch 1.0.5 published the developers in Dev-Corner an extremely extensive and very transparent blog post about the current situation in New World (buy now 39,99 €).

Cross-regional server transfers may still come

Recently, the developers at New World had to use the Disable server transfers due to a gold exploit. These are now available again for all players, as the community manager Luxendra writes in the blog post. In addition, Luxendra points out that server transfers should actually have been possible between the different regions. The team is currently working on implementing these transfers, but it is arguably a difficult undertaking and will therefore take some time.

New World’s economy is stabilized

Furthermore, the business of the new MMO constant Discussion topic. According to Amazon itself, more gold is currently being generated in the game than removed by any mechanics. However, most of the gold is generated at levels 1-35 and from level 60 the inflow of new gold drops significantly. The developers are aware of this problem and would like to first monitor whether enough new gold comes into play as a result of the outpost rushes, as these have only recently been available again.

At the same time, the developers are addressing the issue that new players cannot create a character on a full server. As a result, they may of course not be able to play with their friends and at some point there will be no more players at lower levels on full servers who, according to the developers, bring the most gold into the game. However, based on the current data, this is probably not a problem.

In order to stabilize the economy a little, a few gold-destroying mechanics have been weakened a lot. Equipment is now 10 percent less damaged if players should die in a PvP battle. In addition, taxes on any home ownership will now be due every seven days instead of every five days, but the actual amount will remain the same. Reallocating the attribute points now costs 60 percent less gold and players now get 50 percent less honey from beehives and 65 percent less milk from cows, because there was simply too much of this resource in the world.

Expeditions now also grant more gold, for example end-game bosses are now supposed to drop twice the amount of thalers. Among other things, a bug has also been fixed, whereby the use of repair kits cost gold.

Trading post networked from now on

One of the most important points of the blog post is that all trading posts in New World are now networked. In the past you could see the offers of other auction houses in each area, but to actually buy something you had to travel to the area. Every item can now be bought from anywhere. The buying and selling fees depend on the area in which you are currently located.

Gold exploits probably fixed, players blocked

In the blog post, of course, the developers also go into the various economy exploits. For example, players could double their gold or their items through the trading system, which is why the developers deactivated all taler transfers for the time being. However, this became a Another gold exploit integrated into the gamethat worked over the territory upgrades.

According to their own statements, the developers have permanently banned any player who used the former exploit. However, the area upgrade exploit could also be accidentally triggered, which is why the developers only want to take action against guilds who undoubtedly deliberately exploited it. Furthermore, the developers want to make sure that nobody suffered financial losses by deactivating the taler transfer. So if, for example, taxes cannot be paid, the developers want to provide “reparation”.

Gold selling will be restricted

Like many MMORPGs, New World also has so-called “gold sellers” who flood the in-game chat with their offers. The developers are currently working on solutions to this problem, and have already taken some precautions. Gold sellers usually created new characters to sell their gold. From now on, players must reach level 10 and have an account age of at least 72 hours in order to trade gold. Furthermore, initial quests give less, higher level quests give more gold. The introductory quest for the trading post must also be completed before you can use it. Of course, numerous gold sellers and bot accounts have meanwhile been blocked.

No automatic locks for too many reports

The developers are also writing something about the game’s reporting system. In the past, numerous players reported that much of the guild crew was direct locked for some time before a war. According to the developers, players used the reporting system as a war tactic and tried to get members of a rival guild to break the “Code of Conduct” in chat. Every report by a player should probably be examined by a person and should a player have shown actual misconduct, it will be blocked. Only Easy Anti Cheat should function as an automated system.

Further bugs are to be fixed in the future

Although the developers removed a few bugs from the game with Patch 1.0.5, there are still more than enough of them. For example, it can happen that players get stuck in a kind of “limbo” when they want to join an outpost rush. Furthermore, attacking very quickly with the various magic weapons can cause server lag during the wars and some weapon perks and gems are currently not working properly. Then there are more and more problems with the world clock, healing received in a healing field can be increased if you crouch, and due to a bug, players can no longer perform an evasive role if they have 250 points in the strength attribute achieved. The developers do not yet have a solution to these problems, but they are still monitoring and investigating the situation and want to fix the problems as soon as possible.

Developers want to be more open with the community

Overall, the developers want to speak much more openly with their community in the future and this blog post is definitely a step in the right direction. This addresses a few more things, such as the amount of taxes, the upper limit for faction tokens, and more. In addition, the developers are currently testing different times for maintenance work so that this no longer takes place during European prime time.

The whole Blog-Post is definitely worth a look if you want to get all the very detailed information about the current state of the game.

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