An excerpt from the actually secret patch notes of the New World Alpha was recently leaked on the Internet. With the planned update, the Amazon team would like to introduce a “Premium Currency Shop” that will primarily offer cosmetic content for characters and houses in online role-playing games.

An additional comment in the leaked patch notes now caused critical feedback from parts of the community. Accordingly, the studio is planning to sell XP boosts and other quality-of-life offers that will affect the playing time in the future. Fans of the MMORPG are worried that the title will fall victim to some Pay2Win mechanics, because players will reach the endgame much faster.

Rich Lawrence (Studio Director of Amazon Game Studios) and his team have published a statement on Twitter on Twitter. Accordingly, when New World is launched, only cosmetic items will initially be available in the online role-playing game store. For the future, one would also like to test mechanics such as XP boosts or fast travel, which can then not only be bought in the store, but also found in the main game.

According to the studio, having multiple players make it to the New World endgame will have a positive impact on the MMORPG. With XP boosts, the team wants to give players with less time the opportunity to get to this point a little faster. The release of New World is currently planned for August 31, 2021 exclusively for the PC.

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